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Corsair Hydro H70


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I have used this CPU cooler in my new system build on an Intel Core i7-2600K at a cost of £70. Here's my review of the product.


Upon receiving it, it came very nicely packaged. There was the radiator and CPU block in one compartment, and the 2x fans in another. It also came with multiple instructions dependant on your motherboard CPU socket, along with different components specific to certain sockets. This cooler must be fitted to the motherboard while the board is out, it cannot be done with the board in the case. The reason for this is because it requires a back plate to screw the CPU block to.


This is where I encountered by first problem. Despite being advertised to fit socket 1155, the new Sandybridge socket, the screw holes simply didn't line up. After some research on the Internet, I was proposed with two work-arounds. One was to cut the support on the back, meaning you can move the screw holes into line. The other was to only use three screws to secure it to the board. I chose the latter option, because I didn't fancy cutting/snapping the plastic. The support ring secured to the back plate, and using three screws left it seemingly secure, and after a week, still as secure.


Next was to secure the CPU block to the processor. There is a very thin application of thermal paste on the cooler, so it is recommended to buy third party paste, such as Artic Silver 5. The backplate as this point mustn't be too tight, because the CPU block secures using a twist mechanism and secures under the support ring. Despite not using screws, it seems very secure.


Next was the radiator, which sits on the exhaust fan of the computer. Corsair advise you to have the fans draw the cool air into the system, however I disagree with this because it screws up air flow. So I reversed the fans to a standard exhaust system. Securing the radiator was fine, however I was very disappointed with the noise levels of the fans. They are measured at 44dB, which is extremely loud. I decided to use third party silent fans, which have been excellent. Fitting the radiator came with the problem of you cannot rotate it too much, only a maximum of 90 degrees otherwise you may snap the cooling pipes. I have found that the cooling pipes must either be at the top or bottom. If at the side, the side panel will not sit back onto the case.


Performance; Seemingly very good. It is keeping my Intel Core i7-2600K at around 40 degrees C at idle. This may seem high, but the computer is located in a very warm room. It's silence is also an added bonus.




Good points:


Good cooling.

Easy enough to install, provided you follow the instructions.

Very well made.


Bad points:


Doesn't fit socket 1155 boards, despite advertised, though I imagine they will provide bits to accommodate this in the near future.

Provided fans are far too loud

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