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Jailbreaking iPod/iPhone and cool Apps and tweaks. (Help from Candy)

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Guest Emo Bunny

Make sure you [glow=red,2,300]DON'T update to 4.3[/glow] and you stay on 4.2.1 or lower firmware. Because if you do me and Candy tryed for 3 hours+ trying to downgrade and Apple does not license 4.2.1 or lower sorry if you've updated.


So I don't have to keep saying iPod/iPhone I'm going to say Device.


Ok first things first goto this link : http://www.greenpois0n.com (This is a trusted link verified by me and Candy) and click what OS you are currently operating on choice of Mac - Linux - Windows (For me i used windows.)

When it has downloaded open the Zip folder and double click to greenposi0n.exe

When opened a notice will come up asking if your jailbreaking a AppleTV press "No" then turn off your device.

Then once turned off click on the "Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)".

It will give you a time frame in which to enter DFU Mode Hold the power button for 2 Seconds then while holding the power button hold the Home button which allocated at the bottom of the device then after 10 seconds release the power button and continue holding the Home button for 15 seconds.

Then the process will take place give it time bout 3-10 minutes depends what device you have and how much GB's it has and how much is taken up.(Go make a cup of coffee/tea (Admin coffee or Admin tea) or make something to eat).

Then when the process is complete go to your app section and find Loader tap on it then click on cydia and download.

It might respring (Respring is a term used for restarting) so wait for it to respring and a new app icon called Cydia will be in place tap that.

Then when Cydia is opened it will tell you to Essential Update and give you a choice between

1. Essential update (This is ok to do but not recommended as you wont get all the packages required.)

2. Complete update (This is the best option as you get everything you need and more.)

3. Ignore (Do not do this as there is a chance your device will brick it's self.)

When clicked on your desired choice it will respring again. Then after that respring you can do practically what you like.


Goto Cydia then goto Manage on then Sources then Edit and then Add it will come up with a box to enter sources (Some are illegal but who cares really...) http://(Enter here)



http://apt.123locker.com/ (Used to download GBA games)








Winterboard - Best app for Themes (Start off with Vivid Theme or Blue Bird or Ultimate Chrome or if you have a Retina Display device like the iPod 4th gen or the Iphone 4 download Glaskart HD)

and always remember "Optimize Themes" and to keep Summerboard Mode on and always keep Winterboard enabled.


SBSettings - Used to enable OpenSHH and control other general settings. (Goto Cydia goto Search and type in SBSettings and download)

To look at SBSettings when downloaded slide your finger left to right on the Top bar where your information is.


OpenSHH - Great for editing your Device and changing everything inside of it like the data strings of text and adding your own themes and sliders (Does not work for iPod 4th gen or Iphone 3GS if anyone else can confirm anymore that would be helpful).


WinSCP - Need to download to work with OpenSHH Download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/winscp/files/WinSCP/4.3.2/winscp432setup.exe/download?use_mirror=garr

When installed and all set-up Launch the program and the "Host name" is your IP Address on your Device and the User-name is root and the password is Alpine and port number 22


AndroidLock XT - This one is very easy to do just download it from Cydia

Then goto "Settings" then to AndroidLock XT (Btw if you already have a lock on like the password 4 digit pin or password

for typing in text you need to disable that.) Before you enable the lock change the pattern to what you can remember.

(Candy's Help)


For changing the Sliding lock text - Goto Android Ultimate Unlocker then to change appearance change minimize to Slide to open then in the tab underneath called

Text Strings "Unlock" Type in the desired text and you can use Emoji emotions aswell. (Scott Wilks'/Candy's Help)


Installous - Download all apps for free from app store open this then search for your preferred app and download. (Have to of added the Source Hackulo.us for this remember this is illegal as your getting Apple's products for free but worth it)


Carrier - Enter your chosen Text then click on carrier then a notification will come up saying about a respring

so click yes and wait till it opens back up.(Can use Emoji emotions aswell)(Candy's Help)

(Go to Cydia and type in ChangeCarrier (no space) )


Infiniboard - This is to put on more then 4X4 on a page and you can scroll vertically as well.


Infinidock - This as the name suggests is a infinite dock which is on your springboard (Main page) and when activated slide your Dock bar left to right.


Infinifolders - This as the name suggests is a infinite folder when you hold on a app on the springboard it starts to shake and you can place app's on top of each other and app's will form into folder's and give it specific names depending on the type of app.


P.S. Don't download the blue highlighted files because those one's you have to pay for. But most of them are cracked from the sources above I gave you.


If you need anymore help in Jailbreaking your Device contact me on Converse_Black_White@hotmail.com and speak to me on chat or search for me on facebook as Jack Curtis.

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Guest Emo Bunny

Yer and then i can upgrade xD

Ill be updating this every week with new apps and tweaks and informing when the new 4.3 jail break is out :)

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Guest Emo Bunny

I know it's Double Posting but this is for Candy aswell. and he knows im you know Invisible      so yer there a new Jailbreak for 4.3.3 (TETHERED) only took a few days to get jailbroke but remember the higher in versions the less the stuff on Cydia/Rock works.


4.3.2 has a working untethered version.

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