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Hey all, i need some help for an assignment, i was wondering if any of you know any movies that have a public role/private lives, for example in there personal life they are quite, shy and in the private life they are a super hero, but i would do a super hero but we arent allowed to do them, as my teacher thinks it wont be a good subject.

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Let me in.

A young girl is secretly a vampire and no one know's it, well for a while anyway. You will have to watch it or read a proper synopsis to see if it is suitable.

Also some of the saw films especially the first one in my opinion anyway. (well he has a private agenda, not really shy)

I'll post more as I think of them GL in your assingment :)

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so the original saw movie?

Possibly, but like I said you may have to do some research yourself to see if it is suitable and fits your needs, just watch the film both are good, well all the saws are good in my opinion :)

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