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Hey everyone (:


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Hey there,

I'm Nick. Some of you will know me from my old School; Tbs. Although I left in Year 9.


I have one area with Computers that I know a lot about; mainly Software. I by no means know everything, but I'm regarded by a lot of friends as the person to go to if they have something wrong with their PC.


I know a lot about how Computers work, and what it takes to get them running again, and I am especially advanced in some forms of Programming. I know HTML, C# and to an extent; Java/Javascript amongst other bits and pieces.


I currently run my own forum, which isn't anything like this, I'm not going to give it out, as I'd rather keep it separate, and I am an ex-Administrator to another forum, but I had to leave due to personal issues.


I am currently in Sixth form, studying: IT, Media Studies, Technology and English Language, and once I've completed my A' Levels I am either going to redo my A' Levels, but study: Maths, Further Maths and Physics, or go straight to University studying Games Development or Computer Sciences.


There's not really a great deal more I can say other than, I wish to help, so I will, as much as I can.



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Guest Emo Bunny

Mate, that's not even deep, it's worse.


It's bare deep. :/


But Bruv your being bare deep to your Invisible /////

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