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How to install the Mo' Creatures Mod


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I am doing a tutorial for this as it is particularly tricky as you have to use a Mod Manager (there are other's but TFC's is the best).


Firstly, download the Mod Manager here. Then, to install Mo' Creatures Mod you need three things (Five if you include Minecraft and the Mod Manager, but let's keep it simple):


1) GUI API, this is an in-game mod manager of sorts, if the mod has changeable settings such as number of custom mobs spawned, or if they spawn atall.

2) ModLoader v4, this just makes mods compatible with Minecraft, so you don't get that lovely black screen when you try to load up. And finally,

3) AudioMod, this enables the use of custom sounds in minecraft.


Once you have downloaded them all, then download the thing we've all been waiting for, Mo' Creatures Mod. Right, now for the slightly-less boring stuff, Installing. Firstly, run the Mod Manager, and you'll get this window:




Now, click the box icon with a nice green [glow=green,2,300]+[/glow] on it. Then, you will get an explorer window, find all the mods you downloaded and add them individually, in the order of GUI API, ModLoader, AudioMod, and then Mo' Creatures (I think you have to do it in this order). Then, click Finish modding, wait for the progress bar, and you are done! Run minecraft and bask in the glory of your awesomeness, and go swim with the dolphins! :)

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