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Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard


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Today, I received my Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard I'll refer to it as the 'razer' throughout this review. First of all the packaging is awesome, well thought out and looks stunning. The manuals are also, well designed and thorough.


The keyboard itself is pretty large, the buttons are smooth to the touch and they don't slip or get sweaty after an hour or so. The Razer comes with an LCD panel, that gives you the ability to pause/play music, stop music, skip tracks, turn volume up and down, and to change the lighting on the keyboard. The Caps/Num/Scroll Lock keys all light up blue when they're ON, which fits perfectly with the blue key backlights and the whole 'feel' of the keyboard.


The keyboard has three settings, no lights (makes it pretty hard to see the keys, even in the daytime if you sit at an angle, rather than above the keyboard), WASD keys light up extra bright (this is called 'gaming mode') and the third option is all the keys are lit up on the keyboard. Looks incredible, night or day!


Generally speaking, the keys are quiet and well spaced out which makes errors in typing less common. The keyboard is 'generically' spread out, which is a negative in my eyes as I like things to be different. On to a positive though, the keyboard has a detachable wrist/arm rest which unscrews with ease and also has 1 USB port on the back along with a microphone and the ability to plug in earphones.


The keyboard is very responsive (1ms response time), sticks to surfaces great and is great to type on. The software that comes on a disc provided with the keyboard is great, but simple. It let's you use any key on the keyboard as a macro - very useful for gamers.


Overall, the keyboard is simply awesome. The price was £63, including VAT and next day express delivery.







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