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itunes installation issue


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Yesterday, I spent the entire day trying to install the new itunes application on my computer. I had an old version at one time, unfortunately in December 2009, my computer crashed and after it was repaired a lot of the programs I had on it were removed including itunes, but I still had quicktime and the apple support applications. I tried downloading itunes 10, everything appeared to go through fine. I checked my desktop, but did not find the icon to launch itunes. I searched my computer and found that it had downloaded with a PF (prefetch)file extension, something I've never come across before. I clicked on it and a pop up appeared, stating windows did not recognize the program and suggested searching the web, which lead me back to the itunes website. I became aware that in order to download the new version you had to have IE7 or 8. I upgraded to IE8 and, downloaded all the pertinent upgrades associated with it. I went back to the itunes sites tried to download it again and the download window showed a run time of about an hour. I closed the window and went the troubleshooting area of the itunes website. It recommended uninstalling any version of quicktime and apple support applications that were on my computer. I also deleted the file in the search folder with the pf extension. I followed the recommendations and tried the install again. Everything went fine. The install took about 6 minutes, the usual request for desktop icons, default players etc. appeared and I thought the install had finally taken. I closed the itunes window, checked my desktop for the icon and it wasn't there. I did another search of my computer looking for the program, but this time found nothing, it wasn't anywhere to be found. I never received an error message with any my attempts to download this software. I don't know what to do from this point. But I would like to know what is causing this situation. I've never had an issue with downloading programs. Help from anyone with more internal knowledge than myself would be greatly apprecaited.

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Recommending a different browser isn't the answer for this, as it seems to be a problem with the installer, rather than the method used to download it.


I would clean all caches, perform a clean uninstall of anything related to Apple, and then redownload iTunes.

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