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Best Solid State Drives?


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I'm looking for a Solid State Drive to use in my upcoming build. The Drive will be used as a Boot Drive, and because of this does not need a very large amount of space (anything above 64Gb will do).

Anyone here have any experience with Solid State Drives?

Any reccommendations?

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I built a gaming computer about two months ago. I have a SSD as a boot only drive. I chose the OCZ Vertex 2 60GB. At the time, it was the highest rated in reviews and performance for under £100. All my multimedia and game installations are on other larger, slower drives (1TB 7,200RPM).


The three main (best) companies (in my opinion) are:






The OCZ drive I have is extremely good. It's 2.5", so very small and seemingly very fast. According to WEI (Windows Experience Index) the drive is still ranked as the slowest item in the computer (compared to RAM/processor/etc), but still scores 7.5. (My overall rating is 7.5) That is some 3.0 marks better than the Western Digital Raptor 10,000RPM (1st gen) I was using in my old system.

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