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Windows vista startup error. vista 0xc0000225


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So yeah, basically i have a problem with my laptop which is a Compaq presario v6000 and everytime i try to boot i get the same message..  :D


A recent hardware/software error.... cannot boot up

1. insert vista installation disk (which i do not own)

2. language settings

3. click repair/restore


Error: windows\system32\config\system

Status: 0xc0000225


I have no idea how to fix this, it has happened before and i had to fork our £50 for a repair at the store, which i am definitely not doing again, as my problem still persists.


PLEASE help me out, i really need this computer for my work,  :S

Thanks, Loz.

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Hi there,


Welcome to Geeksoup.net! We'll try our best to get this sorted as soon as possible. Boot with your Vista DVD and at the command prompt type


chkdsk c: /p


Let's see if theres any errors at all. You could also run the startup repair on the Vista DVD, it should fix any issues or atleast tell you if it finds any :D

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Hey guys, thanks for the speedy replies

Basically upon holding F8 I am prompted with several options, each of which lead to the same tedious error screen from above.

    As for the boot disk, i don't actually own one so are there any places where I could purchase one, because my local branch of 'Pc World' no longer have them on shelf :/

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Well, if you can't even get into Safe Mode, then you're in a bit of trouble. Safe Mode is just that, a safe mode of Windows, where it loads only the essential core features of Windows. Even things like network/wireless/LAN don't work, as they aren't technically required for Windows to run.


Usually you have two options when something like this happens:


1) Use the Windows disc to try and repair/check disk the install

2) Format the computer and install Windows as fresh (this results in data loss)


Option 1) might be tricky, as Windows Vista discs are hard to get hold of, since Windows 7 is the latest version of Windows. If you manage to find a disc in the shop, you're likely to pay a lot of money for the disc, and it would also come with a new product key. Your easiest option would be to borrow a Vista disc from someone you know, if anyone has one.


Option 2) is a last ditch effort. If you need to do this, you may have two options again; either use the laptops built-in recovery option which will format the laptop, lose all your data, and make it look like it is out of the box (if it has this option). Or find a Vista disc.


If formatting is your only option, and you had to buy a new Windows disc from a shop, I'd recommend updating to Windows 7. If your laptop supported Vista, chances are that it would support 7. Again, all data would be lost. 7 Looks and feels a lot like Vista, but with many more enhancements into the way it works.


Note; If you do buy a new version of Windows Vista or Windows 7, the product key located on the sticker underneath your laptop would not work. You would have to use the key that is provided with the disc.

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Thankyou for all the help chill.

My safe mode is comepletely ineffective, i will have to search around for a vista disk, and if the opportunity arises, a fresh install of windows 7 of someone from reasonably cheap. I cannot afford to purchase a brand new OS..

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