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Ah sorry, I didn't see the error up top. I was looking in the function column, oops :D Either you are including the file multiple times on a page; or you are including it on a page that has its' own session_start() statement; or your php.ini (possibly .htaccess) is automatically starting a session before you do.

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Well, as trill said, the error is in the coding.


If you take a look to the code, you will probably see 2 X (session_start()) in differents files, but theses files have been included or required.


Again, I know this is a old topic,

the best way to fix this is to read the code, following step by step what is loaded in the page you are trying to access and remove the unnecessary session_start().


The lazy way would be to add at the top of the page right after <?php



and and the end of the page right before ?>



and I don't think this topic should stay in windows xp support XD Maybe moving it to the programming forum would not be a bad idea.

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