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PSN Server downtime.


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So as you might be aware the PSN servers have been down since Wednesday 20th due to a group of hackers who took a dislike the the treatment of the hardware hacker George Hotz.

George Hotz was sued by Sony due to the "Jailbreaking" of the PS3.


This server downtime could not of happened at a worse time for Sony with the release of Portal 2 and its new feature to play with members off steam. So Sony are telling people that it is not a hacker problem its just an update of its security.


What's your guys opinion on this?

Do you think they should of done this?

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Sony are caught between a rock and a hard place. They are allowed to pursue legal precedings against George Hotz, because what he did broke the T&Cs with the PS3. But in doing so, brings along the Internet Activists. However, within these times, Internet activists are having a lot of limelight in the media, and will use anything to get themselves some more exposure.

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alright, one thing is that we are not sure if it is a group or not, neither if they are doing it for George GeoHotz Hotz, and now sony has stated that security has been breached, 2.2 million users details have been taken and are likely to be sold.

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