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No security Updates of any kind allowed and All Browsers redirected


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Hello.As I am a senior over 75 years old and living on SS, I had saved for a year to acquire this Windows7 Ultimate. I first noticed my problem when looking for a way to manually update Microsoft Security Suite. It was the first thing I did after a fresh new install of Windows Ultimate Install onto a new hard drive.I opened the MS browser Ver8 and went to the MS website and After it downloaded the Security Suite it started to try to download an update.It failed to do so.That's when I found that I was no longer allowed to download anything from MS sites nor any other security programs or updates for them such as, mallware bytes or superantispyware. I also see that I am now being redirected in both Explorer and Firefox to all kinds of advertisements,not to the link addresses I ask for. I find no links on the web that shows any fix for this  particular problem. Can you help or give me any suggestions? Thank you for your attention to my problem. I tried to add The OTL scan log below but am told this is too big (more than 2000 bytes!) Not sure what to do next! Help Please.


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Hello, and welcome to Geek Soup. :D


When you say Microsoft Suite, do you mean Microsoft Security Essentials? It may sound trivial, but it can help us identify any potential problems. If it isn't the latter, then that could be the source of your problems. There is a lot of software out there that pose as real anti-virus protection, but are in fact malicious.


From your description, it does sound like you have some malicious software installed. If you have the latter from the above paragraph installed, as well as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SuperAntiSpyware, then follow the following steps. If not, download them and install them. If you don't want to use Microsoft Security Essentials, then you can use other great, free anti-viruses such as Avira or Avast.


1) Reboot the computer

2) Before the Windows 7 loading screen appears (where all the whirly things appear) keep pressing F8 on your keyboard

3) Out of the options presented, select Safe Mode

4) Let the PC load up, and log on.

5) Run a scan of your whole computer on your anti-virus, and wait for it to complete. When scan complete remove/quarantine/delete anything that has been found.

6) Once 5) is complete, run and do a full system scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. When scan complete remove/quarantine/delete anything that has been found.

7) Once 5) & 6) are complete, run and do a full system scan with SuperAntiSpyware. When scan complete remove/quarantine/delete anything that has been found.

:) Reboot the computer, load it normally not in Safe Mode and see if it any better.

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yes defiantly sounds like you have downloaded something dodgy, when you downloaded MS security essentials are you certain that you got it off the official MS site. To resolve the problem you want to do exactly what chill has suggested.

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Hello, and thank you for your reply. Yes, It was the MS security suite that I downloaded and it was at their website as I went to the same address on another computer without any problem.I am in a catch 22 as the security suite will not run until it has downloaded an update so I can't even do a scan! No, I do not have the Mallware bytes nor the Super anti spyware as I am not allowed to download them or their updates. I am going to try to get  to another computer to get all those downloads to a USB stick and see if I am allowed to install them on this sick computer in safe mode.Excuse me but when I went to my post and saw your response to it, I did not see any place to click on Reply. Did I miss it somewhere?

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Microsoft Security Suite doesn't exist, it is fake. It will not be on Microsoft's website. If anything, it would probably have been a fake website designed to look like Microsoft. "Microsoft Security Essentials" is Microsoft's official anti-virus.


Go onto another computer which isn't infected and download the following:


Avira AntiVir

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware



Once they are downloaded, as a precaution, rename the files that just downloaded. For example, change Malwarebytes by changing the setup name from "mbam-setup" to "Example23" or something. (Remember what you have called each file)


Stick those files on a USB thumb stick/flash drive. Boot up your infected computer in Safe Mode, and connect the USB stick. Run and install the renamed Avira AntiVir first. Then perform a system scan. Once the scan is complete, do the same for the other two.


Downloading the files from another computer, transferring then using USB and renaming the setup files is essential. Also running Avira before anything else, in my opinion, is better. Performing the setups and scans in Safe Mode is a MUST.


Hopefully that will fix your problem.


(Links for all the software I have listed above can be found on this thread: http://www.geeksoup.net/index.php/topic,517

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Yeah, Microsoft Security Suite is rogue - fake basically. It's Microsoft Security Essentials. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and that will hopefully clear it up. If not, we'll manually remove it.


Cheers :D

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