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Laptop will not turn on


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I have not figured out how to remove the battery. One door is the harddrive. One looks like the memory chips. There is a large panel in the middle so that is all that is left. Is this the likely door? And, by mains you must mean the A/C with the battery out? 

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Excellent. That worked. I took the battery out and plugged in the charger. No power. I put the battery back in because the battery housing is a large integration piece of the laptop. Maybe it was no engaged completely. So, I have it on the charger to see if anything occurs in the next hour or so. I not power arrives, next... what to do? I did not VU meter the battery yet. Do not have the meter here yet.

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Well, in my opinion, you either have a faulty power adapter, or a faulty power connection on the motherboard. Failing that, the motherboard has given up the ghost.


I don't know any cost effective ways to troubleshoot anything more than this. I'm sorry. :D

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Y'all did great. Sometimes it goes beyond our reach, but only for a moment. After all, it may be really, really broken... like the mother board. If this is the case, the next challenge is to lift my stuff off the hard drive. I have six hard drives I need stuff off stretching over the last of 8 years ago... old archives and files I still would like to keep. So this is the next thing I will need geeksoup direction with. I would have to open this on another board, but first, I am taking the Dell to a shop... then we will see to the next. I know how to fix a lot of stuff, but geeksoup is where I turn when I do not. Hence, today.     

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If you have access to a normal desktop computer, you could simply directly plug the hard drive from the laptop into the computer.


1) Ensure the computer is off, and remove side panel

2) Check if there are spare molex (power) or SATA power cables

3) Check if there are spare IDE or SATA cables available

4) Connect them to the laptop drive

5) Boot up computer and log on

6) Drive should appear in My Computer/Computer

7) Drag & drop or copy & paste information from laptop drive to elsewhere


If 1), 2) or 3) cannot be met, then you need to look at using a different desktop, such as someone else's who is willing, or buy the necessary cables/converters.

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