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TV - LG 32LD450 32"


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I have just bought this LCD TV from Tesco for £250 http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.208-0795.aspx. (It is also available from Currys for the same price) I have to say, first impressions are amazing. I am very much loving the TV.





60,000:1 contrast ratio



1x VGA input

1x audio in

1x composite


USB 2.0 (JPEG & MP3 support only)


Taking it out of the box produced a sleek black, thin TV, with an easy to assemble stand/base unit. It also has a neat cable management slot/handle, to keep all the wires neatly together behind the TV, so there isn't a mass of untidy cables.


The menu system is very nice, not the traditional style, but a very modern menu. Easy to use and setup.


The freeview is an added bonus too, as our area no longer broadcasts terrestrial, and Sky is prone to breaking up in bad weather.


I am also buying a LG BD555 Bluray player (1080p), with USB H.264 (inc MKV) support, as well as DVD upscaling to 1080p. Hoping it will all be awesome.




I would highly recommend this TV to anyone, especially for £250. It isn't a LED TV, so it isn't super thin, nor is it 3D...but it produces a great HD picture, with a price you can't knock.

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