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audio often poor or slow/fast in webinars


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I watch webinars with gotomeeting.com, citrix.com & other providers. 


Often, the audio is slow & sounds robotic.  Sometimes it speeds up, like caffeinated munchkins.


Is there anything I can tweak? I have Windows 7, & Internet Explorer 64 bit & 32 bit.


I don't seem to have the problem at wi-fi places. At home, I have satellite internet, whatever the basic service/speed level is.


Should I ask for help from my satellite co? Should I pay for faster/upgraded service?


Thanks for any ideas!

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That simply sounds like your video player is trying to buffer the video but you're catching up with it, and that's causing problems. Usually that's caused by insufficient Internet speed.

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Like chill says its probably that your internet speed isnt fast enough; insufficient bandwidth or high latency. You could try watching it in lower quality if that is possible, but your best bet would be to try and get a faster connection if that is possible. However this wont help latency as satelite connections always have high latency, even though the signal travels at the speed of light still takes on average over 500ms round trip.

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My results - I tested 3 times within 10 minutes - from www.speedtest.net:

bandwidth: didn't know how to test this

ping: 1405  1539    1075

download speed:  .08    .10  .16

upload speed:  .07    .18    .17

This is with the 32-bit Internet Explorer 8.


I didn't test it with the 64-bit Internet Explorer - should I?

To watch webinars with the 64-bit version, I have to use a trial version of Adobe Flashplayer, which Geeksoup helped me to install - thank you! but  Adobe says that they're not responsible if you have problems with it.  Plus, I seem to have the same problems with it - poor/slow/fast/stop & start audio.


Should I do these other browser diagnostic tests offered on speedtest.net?

V8 Benchmark Suite

Acid 3 Web Standards test

Sunspider Java Script Benchmark

Dromaeo Performance tests


Should I change my browser to Google Chrome?


Should I buy RegCleanPro? $29.95. I did a free run, & it said I had over 1,200 errors.


Oh, what is buffering, & why would my computer do it?


Thank you for any & all help or ideas. i'm so glad you do what you do.

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Your download speed is (in my opinion) too slow to to video streaming, and the ping is too high. I'd bet that is where your problem lies, rather than software on your computer.

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Ping is generally out of your control.


Ping = Latency = time it takes for information to get from A to B in milliseconds. Higher number = slower = worse. Connecting to normal websites shouldn't produce pings of more than like, 50.

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Check your latency. There's a tool somewhere on the Internet, I can't really remember what was it's name. Anyways, it's connected with your drivers and general PC state. Best thing to do is to scan your PC for malware, delete all the things you don't use, and reinstall your drivers. Google "sound latency high solution", I'm sure you'll find a fix for it.

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