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Steam summer sale


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So for your active summer needs Steam has released a huge sale on loads of items. From single games to value packs the prices are down.

are there any games you'll be picking up from the sale?

I have already picked up lead and gold and no doubt there will be a few more games I will pick up.

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Ye the sale is epic dunno if I will be buying any games though :D, cos I just bought an OCZ vertex 3 120GB which set me back £200 :).


I love SSD's! Only got 40GB that I run ArmA 2 off. It's got massive files that it streams textures off, so makes sense to run it off an SSD for better performance. Loads the scenery, land and textures quicker. Looks an awesome sale! :D

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I have a 60GB OCZ Vertex 2. It only has my OS and applications on. All my games are installed on a 1TB WD 7,200RPM drive. The loading times aren't that different whether they are on this drive or the SSD.

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