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Logitech G110 gaming keyboard.


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So after much wear on my really bad keyboard I though I would treat my self to a new and fancy one. Seeing as I game I looked into the logitech gaming series, knowing that logitech are a good brand I knew what I'm paying for wasn't bad. So I bought a G110 the lowest model for around the £45 mark.





  • Custom-color backlighting.
  • Game/desktop mode.
  • Twelve programmable G-keys. 36 unique commands.
  • Integrated USB audio.
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hub port.
  • Instant media access.
  • Removable palm rest.




My overall view:

After playing with this keyboard for a bit I found it to be a great investment. I will not be looking to buy a new one for a long time. When listening to music it is very easy to control it all from the keyboard. The keys feel smooth and not clunky, even give off a nice sound when pressed which my old one didn't. with the 12 G-Keys it is a great time saver, for desktop mode I got software shortcuts on them but you can change then for different games, which I do like. The colour lighting is nice, its helpful at times but it just seems like one of those things now where its not a gaming accessories unless it has LED's in them, but you can always turn them off.


My vote:







A quick view of the software that comes with it. It is just for programming the G-keys and changing the key colour.


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