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Anyone else had this problem?


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Well the temps are fine. All looks normal mate.


Edit: One thing you could try is backing the frequencies down a little, cos the other 560 Ti's i've seen have their core clock at 850Mhz, which in turn reduces the shader clock as they are linked. You can use MSI Afterburner and just tune em down a bit. If you find it works you can make different profiles on Afterburner and run at full speed on the games that don't crash and clocked down a little on the games that do crash, just a suggestion. :D

Download link http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm

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I did it and it totally messed up the game graphics. :l


Weird thing is this happens when I run some games on the highest possible settings, but when I run them on medium they were fine for ages so. D:

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I haven't overclocked yet no. ):

But I'll test the stability of the GPU.



Pretty fun the GPU thing haha, ran it on the 1080 preset and got these results:




I ran it with full anti-aliasing and did the burn-in test with dynamic camera and had very low FPS, like ranged between 8 and 15.

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Edit: the old furmark i got 65 fps, this new version is different and ye get 37fps average on the 1080p preset benchmark, btw you didnt have AA on, as you can see in the SS 3rd box down AA:0 samples, if you put AA to MSAA 8x yo uwill see your fps drop low mine was around 18 average with full AA 1080p.


I really dont know what to suggest if it didnt crash then theres nothing wrong with any of your hardware, its probably a driver compatibility issue. If i come across any other fixes ill be sure to post em on here. :D

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