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iOS 5.1 Software Update


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Everyone update their devices to iOS 5.1 today?


I didn't really notice a lot of difference.


A few things I did see were the camera button from the locked screen.

When you take pictures it now focus's on faces.

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I'm an avid jailbreaker, so i don't update until the devise has a solid jailbreak available. :) it's almost been noted that not too much has been added with this update. I believe it's more for the iOS devices to all be in sync. 5.1 will bring all together with the release of the new iPad.

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Well you know you can update over the air now?


As long as you phone is plugged into the charger and you are on wifi it's just under general settings.


Yes, just not got round to doing it yet.

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I jailbroke my iPad 2, but as far as I know, there is no iOS 5.1 A5X (New iPad) untethered jailbreak available.


But on the subject of the update, I agree that it didn't do much at all. There was next to nothing for iPad owners, just a few little changes for iPhones, especially the 4S.


Oh yeah, and I love OTA updates! Except for when iOS just plays stupid and says that there was an error verifying the update or something. Then you have to chain it up to iTunes, let iTunes back up all of your apps and stuff... Then you can upgrade... :angry:

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