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How To: Change Header Logo for HTML Email in IP.Board


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So as many of you know IP.Board offers a setting to allow you to send out HTML email notifications instead of plain text.


I ran this way for a while but ended up liking the simplicity of the plain text emails as a lot of the time I receive them on my phone and like how they load immediately.


But during this period I did wonder how would I go about changing the logo on the HTML emails.


It was too hard to do really, you can ftp to this location:




From there download the .png file and open it with you favorite editor, make your changes then upload it over the existing logo.


That's it you are done. From now on your HTML emails will be sending out with the new logo.

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I wouldn't. If you think about it a lot of people get their emails to their mobile phone, if it's HTML format it will take longer to load and they may even get the message "Click to download the rest of the content". While if it's just plain text it loads in a blink of an eye.

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