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Another cURL & PHP 'Opportunity'


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So this one has been getting to me for a while now.. There is a site that I am trying to log in to, go to a reports page after a successful login, and then download up to 3 reports that are linked on that page.



The problem that I'm having is that the reports are randomly named, and I can't get curl to download them.


I'll post the html file that the site spit back out to me.. Can someone see how to download the 3 files that are on that page without hardcoding the file name?


The 3 reports are named:


My Company Invoice Upload_516_146_2012391728360


My Company Invoice Upload_516_146_20123917221402


My Company Patient Upload_516_146_2012391723258


My Scheduled Reports.htm

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If you are scraping these out with regex:


and you are trying to get the csv file with a new cURL call you have to make the


into a "&" with html_entity_decode



And you have to prepend the base url to that one as well as it is a relative path.

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It's probably gonna take me a minute to digest what you are saying, but Thank You, and I will see if I can figure it out... Do you know of a tutorial that can tell me how to scrape with regex? I'm going to google it but if you have a good one in mind I'd like to hear it



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