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vBulletin 3.x w/ blog + vBSEO license for sale!


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Hi, I'm selling my vBulletin 3.x and vBSEO 3.x licenses together as 1 bundle. the vBulletin license includes the Blog add-on vBSEO requires a renewal for the transfer to take place so it'd have an additional $25 added into the cost so that the actual transfer of the license can take place at vBSEO. I am asking for $150 plus the $25 upgrade fee for vBSEO which i have to pay for - $175 total. This is for the vBulletin+vB Blog license and vBSEO license, TOGETHER. You will be getting both licenses for this price. If interested, please contact me at darkgizmo666@gmail.com with the subject "vB+vBSEO license inquiry" Proof of licenses ownership will be given upon request.


PS: Hope this is allowed here. I'm really in need of money though and have no use for this license anymore. Thanks!!

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Well I haven't setup a for sale section yet as I'm waiting until I finish up the IPB Auction System, but I don't mind for now, just not sure this is the right place for people to find it. I'll get it moved.

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Nate, actually it appears I can download vBulletin 4.1.4 PL 2 as the latest version bu the latest version is 4.1.12, not sure what it'd cost to upgrade to 4.1.12, very strange cuz it's not really a 4.x license but hey i guess if it works......



Also, i noticed I didn't have the right info listed in the original post. It's been updated. Total due for the vBSEO and vB license is $175. $25 goes towards renewal of the vBSEO license/license transfer.

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