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LiteSpeed Web Server


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Have any of you tried the LiteSpeedTech web server software? I've used it on my servers before, and it's pretty good, you can definitely notice a difference, however, I didn't think it was worth the price. Apache is perfectly fine, it runs fast on my web server, based on the fact that it's been optimized a lot.


What do you think?

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I've seen Litespeed in use and I like it. I think that it enhances a site's performance pretty well. I believe it does use up a bit more RAM, but if you're running a web hosting business, it's worth it! :)


Definitely is. It does handle requests a lot better. The fact that it's easy to integrate with cPanel is a huge bonus as well.

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Edit: Sorry, went too far down the thread list ;)


My host has it installed and I put it in a CentOS VM before. I ran ApacheBench on it and LiteSpeed was much, much more efficient than Apache. I was completely stunned by the difference, to be honest.


But it's licenses are very pricy. That's the only drawback to LSWS, I think.

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