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Anyone have experience in building a hackintosh computer? I'm really interested in this. I wanted to hackintosh my netbook but after buying one I thought was easily compatible with OSX it turns out that it's not. I could attempt to put OSX on it but I'm fairly certain It needs a different wifi card put into the netbook itself to get wifi working. Which is a real shame because I was hoping it'd be as easy as the Dell Mini 10v. I wanted to buy one of those but they stopped selling them before I could pick one up to hackintosh. It'd definitely be quite an awesome thing to have a mini macbook of sorts :) I currently have an HP Mini 110 3030NR. Probably slap a linux distro on it to replace my windows OS.

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Yes, it's a PC running OSX.


It's fairly easy to install... the hard part is the drivers... making everything work correctly with the OS. :) If i were you i'd follow some of the Apple forums and watch a couple youtube tutorials. I work with a guy who uses a Hackintosh... it's decent... but way sub par. Just spend the money and get a mac. you'll be much happier.

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