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Ok, so here is a great chance for everyone to earn some extra cash!


We are going to start purchasing tutorials from anyone that wishes to write them on the following topics:


Web Development


Site/Server Administration

Database Development

eCommerce Development

CMS Development

Social Media



Traffic Building



Now before I get hammered with a bunch of junk please make sure your tutorials will meet the requirements.


1. Do not copy and paste, these tutorials will be checked through a system that allows us to see if it's already posted somewhere on the net. I know your tutorial may not be the only tutorial on the net for that topic, but it should be written in your own words not just a copy and past job.

2. Proper grammar and spelling is a must, so please proofread before submitting.

3. Write the tutorials as though the person you are explaining this to knows nothing about the topic.

4. I'm not going to put a word limit on this, but make sure the tutorial is something that will actually benefit people, a few sentences is not going to cut it :)


Now to the fun stuff, all payments will be made via PayPal. No more than 3 tutorial per week per user. Unless you are doing an outstanding job and I approve you for more.


Lets start off with $2 per tutorial, we may increase after some time and we have more ad revenue to spread around :)


Get started today by submitting yours here: http://forums.develo...ial-submission/


Thoughts? Let's hear them.

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$2 will get you about 200 words from average writers or about 50 words from me. Depending on what you want to use them for, you might like to consider a standard length, pay per word (AFTER editing out all the fluff, of course...) or asking for specific things from specific people and agreeing prices based on what they can do.

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I think I can do very small tutorials such as how to make something from HTML & CSS. But I don't think I can go any more in depth as $2 is simply not worth it.. I'll try making one tomorrow.

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