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Creating Nameservers on Godaddy

Pete T

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This tutorial will help you with creating an account on GoDaddy and setting up your nameservers.


Website : http://www.godaddy.com


Creating account

1) On the site, near top next to the logo you have "Create Account".

2) Fill in all your details.


Logining into your account

1) On the site near top next to the logo you have username/password boxes. Enter in account number and password if forgot them you can click forgot password.

2) Once login you can look at many items from your domain to buying new domain.


Creating Domain

1) After logging in go here and search for a domain, make sure domain links with your niche and target market.

2) Once have domain name in mind see if its available, if so you can buy it, if not continue to search for another domain.


Creating Nameserver

1) Once you have your domain purchased you need to go to the domain manager. Once there click on domain it self and in there are the settings.

2) Find Host Summary on the bottom left and click on add.

3) You have a box to create a nameserver, example ns1.domain.com, then below need add the host ip number, example

4) Once complete go in and add a second one if needed.

5) You are done, now just change the nameservers to the new ones you created and you are set.


"Remember it takes up to 72 Hours for your domain to point to your server."

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You can actually change the nameservers while you're in the process of buying a domain on GoDaddy. You can also set your defaults for all purchases in your profile so that it automatically sets them up to your current host when you add new domain names.


I've never had a nameserver change take 72 hours, though. I know it's standard (like "please allow 28 days for delivery") but all mine have been done in minutes - except one, which took almost an hour.

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I know add nameserver when buying domains but most people don't know they use own domain for nameserver all depends on your hosting provider and yes again never takes 72 hours but its best to let people know that might take that amount time.

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That's a good guide that, as I don't like the Godaddy control panel at all - it definitely over complicates things. You can also change nameservers when you purchase a domain, but I'm guessing this guide is changing once you've got the domain (i.e. when you change web hosts etc)

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