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What are you willing to pay for?

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I always try to pay for something that I can't do myself, for example I cannot have a web hosting service, that's why I pay for one to be able to sustain and run my blog (I work in the field of HYIP investments), which is very important for me.

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On 12/24/2018 at 11:17 AM, Kaushik said:

If you are not good at something, don't try to do it yourself. You will not only get the job done but spoil all the hardwork you had done so far. Hire an expert to do it for you. It might cost you money but trust me, in the end you will realize you did a fine job by letting the expert handle the things for you.

This is actually why most people fail at what they do. Personally, before I contract any job to any freelancer, I would like to have his or her past work experience to consider before making the job official. 

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Great question! I am usually happy to pay for stuff that I know people can do substantially better than I can - particularly when it comes to layouts/design. I’m okay at some designs, but if I was doing a complete website overhaul for instance, I’d rather enlist the help of a professional.

Same goes for stuff that is exceptionally time consuming. For me I often find it can just be easier to outsource the work.

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