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Domain parking and SEO

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I'm hoping there's an expert here that can help me out.


I currently have roughly 40 domains parked on top of another domain, which then gets forwarded to one of my sites via a 301 redirect. My main concern is how this effects the site in terms of SEO. Are all of these parked domains potentially viewed as duplicate content, or does the authority just get passed to the primary domain that they all forward to?


The reason I ask is because my site isn't ranking too well and sits around page 50-60 for my chosen keywords. I just want to make sure I'm not the cause of it.

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Check all your domains and delete the ones that brings less traffic regularly. A 301 redirect should pass all the traffic juice to the pointed domain. And SEO also keeps adding, unless you have a domain that was blacklisted or had bad ranking etc.


So check your domains individually and keep the stats log for a month and review them. Also check their history.

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Hmm...when you forward the domain from the dashboard at your registrar does that count as a 301 redirect?


Reason I ask is I forward a couple domains to my sites and it does help my site. I rank for keywords of the name of the forwarded domain even.

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