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Anonymous OS: Worth the risk?

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Well the Anonymous OS seems to me that is 99% same as linux ... :o

That's because it is Linux...


Ubuntu is built on Linux

Mint is built on Linux

Anonymous OS is built on Linux

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Anonymous is a large and disorganized group, I can guarantee there are a lot of people who want to be 'part of the action' but don't even know how to join in on a DDOS attack. I haven't even heard of this (though I do remember some Anonymous WinXP releases from a few years ago) but i'm guessing it just contains an easy-to-use DDOS tool (LOIC or whatever they're calling it anymore) and some attempt at online anonymity/security. I still wouldn't run it without removing all my hard drives from the machine first, in case it's largey some 4channer's idea of a prank or harvesting tool.


If anyone wants a truly secure (I hesitate to say 'anonymous' not because of the connotations but because it's really close to impossible online) Linux distro, Liberte is a good choice.

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I'm pretty sure it was actually created by whatever department of the FBI who investigates cyber-crime. It just doesn't make sense for them (Anonymous) to create an OS like this when it's a given that most of their members are already experienced computer users.

Well theyre using their experience to build their own OS? What's so hard to believe there?

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