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Which social media to target for your goals

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Google+ is still useful for traffic from the digirati (fans of the digital world), photography and bloggers (particularly blogs on blogging). There are certainly pockets of other niches without a doubt the core is this at this time (slowly changing).


Twitter produces a lot of click traffic but the culture is to open stuff. Its often very ADHD traffic although can be reasonably well targetted. Can be both personal and professional however the most common traffic on twitter is looking for super-hot breaking news. Current topics traffic is highest here.


Facebook is like an AT&T Commercial "Friends and Family" are high here. There's a lot of window shopping and casually hanging out. People are not here with a buying intent although a real friends recommendation can change that. People come to FB to hang out, not work. Niches are wide open topic wise. Popular topics do well here. Click throughs however are lower per user due to the culture.


Pinterest is pictures and pictures are global. Pinterest is driving a lot of "wishbook" style traffic but its important to remember that most of the hot pictures are neither (a) commercial or (b text-heavy. Because of this a lot of the Pinterest traffic is neither buyers nor english speakers. Now that's not to say some wishbooks do not turn into purchases but there is often a gap between "window shoppers" and intent to purchase and not all niches are performing well here.


I couldn't have said it better myself if I tried, I don't think.


When trying to decide which social networks to focus more on, this is a good set to keep in mind. Are you looking for click-throughs? Is your market for bloggers? Do you write about news? Your target audience may be hanging out on a different social network more than the one you're currently using.

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Good info for sure.


I'm currently targeting Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube on one of my sites.


The Facebook traffic is all that seems to come through at this point though.

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