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Moving Files via SSH


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I have managed backups through GoDaddy. I was working on something and blew away a few files I shouldn't have. That's what I get for thinking I can do something real quick without testing on dev.


So I had them restore one of my backups to my server so I can pull the few files out that I needed. Well where they deploy the backup to you can browse via FTP or file manager through cPanel. It's on the root of the server. So I SSH in via Putty and find the location. Now what? I can't really do much as I can't find any solution to download the files from there to my desktop.


I ended up finding a copy/move command and moved the folder I needed to a spot that I could FTP to and download.


First I zipped up the folder I needed.


tar -czf pictures.tar.gz 2012

"pictures.tar.gz" is the filename I chose, "2012" was the folder name.


After that I just moved that gzipped file to a ftp location that I could view it.


cp pictures.tar.gz /home/website/public_html/dev


That was it I then FTP'd to that location and downloaded the gzipped file, extracted what I need and done.

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Moving files via ssh is really just renaming them. Say the file is called "/home/pictures.tar", you would just use the rename command to rename it to "~/pictures.tar" and then remove the file from the original directory. There may be a simpler way, but that's the way I've done it since I started linux.

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