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Alright, long story shorter:


I ran a optimization test, as I do regularly when I run across a new site, and this one specifically called me out for my browser caching being bad. As in, I ranked in the 90s on everything but that.


It linked me to this for correction purposes: https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/best-practices/caching?hl=sv#LeverageBrowserCaching


Most of the items it told me weren't optimized well are images, a lot of them hosted on Photobucket. Should I be adding code specifically with every image I post on the blog...which is frequently. Because the content is changing frequently, is it actually necessary that I pay that much attention to caching, considering repeat viewers are going to be looking at different/new content anyway?

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I normally don't hotlink anything. I will download and upload the pictures/videos ect... to my site when I post them. Otherwise your site can only load as fast as the site providing the media. I'm not sure your site can even cache that data since it doesn't reside on your server.

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"Browser Caching" is as simple as setting the headers to put a expire date some time in the future.


In IIS you simply go to Site -> Custom Headers -> Settings -> Set date to expire after 30 days. (or something like that this is off the top of my head).


I'm not sure about Apache, I'm sure there is something similar.

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