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So... how do I fix this?

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I finally set everything up on my VPS and read through the absolutely godawful documentation about redirecting an existing domain to it (awful, awful guides which assume you know what they're talking about or - worse - just tell you "do this, do that" and don't explain why, so you can never learn).


Two days later I start getting these emails:



IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.


The hostname (blah.blah.com) resolves to xx.xx.xxx.xxx. It should resolve to xxx.xxx.xx.xx. Please be sure that the contents of /etc/hosts are configured correctly, and also that there is a correct 'A' entry for the domain in the zone file.


Some or all of these problems can be caused by /etc/resolv.conf being setup incorrectly. Please check that file if you believe everything else is correct.


You may be able to automatically correct this problem by using the 'Add an A entry for your hostname' option under 'Dns Functions' in your Web Host Manager.


That's about as helpful as a tech support person saying "It doesn't work". Any thoughts on how that's fixed? (WHM and cPanel installed.)



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Does it matter? Presumably (from my understanding of what's wrong) it could be any server on any VPS from any provider. As it happens, it's GoDaddy, yes.


What I don't understand is (1) why it's happened since I followed their instructions in setting up, (2) why it isn't handled by WHM when I set everything up and (3) why the setup guides are such complete and utter useless crap. :)

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Not sure if it matters or not, but I'm only familiar with GoDaddy. I had the same issue.


To Fix:

1. Login to WHM

2. Scroll down under "DNS Functions" select "Add an A Entry for your Hostname"

3. You just need to input your WHM IP address there and click "Add Entry"


That's all, mine was fixed after this.

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Every issue I've raised through support has ended up with fourth line - the front-liners can't do a darned thing about the things I ask. Even the fourth line support can't answer one of my questions satisfactorily... this is why I always look for tutorials, so I can understand the situation and do my own support instead of relying on them.

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I think I may have figured this out, actually. The oddity was that typing the address into a browser sent it to the right place (i.e. the VPS where there's nothing), even though their system kept complaining that the actual IP was pointing somewhere else.


"So," I thought, "why would it think it's supposed to be somewhere else?"


Because like a complete eejit, I still had it listed on my shared hosting account. I assume something on their system was updating the DNS records every time my new (manual) entry set it to the correct value... and they went round and round changing it back and forth. Or something.


At any rate, I've removed it from the other host's list of "my domains" and we'll see if that sorts it out. :)

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Nope, got another email today. I had hoped it was done but apparently not. I may just pop them a note. Bizarrely, it doesn't seem to matter in practical terms: domains hosted on it have the right entry. It's just if I try to go to the actual machine's hostname that there's a problem (which I'll never do, so... no biggie).

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