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How to disable Moderation inn forums?


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So, I am setting up a new forum for a client and he asked me to disable the Moderation system temporarily.


Any Idea how to do it?


The forum in question is PhpBB and the site is




I put that in code so as not to get a backlink.


Any help would be appreciated.

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There should be a setting in the ACP where you set the new members to moderation or not. See it in the OPTIONS, or try to see it in the group permissions. It can also appear in the forums permissions. I have never used the setting, but I have bumped into it from time to time. Can't know how it's on phpBB, haven't used it in 6 years, but I'd assume the option appears somewhere there.

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Thomas to the rescue! (Although it looks like you already have a solution as the board seems to be up and running.


phpBB has 2 default groups that have moderating privileges. This is the Administrator group and Global Moderator group. Both are deftly set up with full moderator privileges. This means that they are allowed to:

  1. Approve posts
  2. Change post author
  3. Delete posts
  4. Edit posts
  5. Close and delete reports
  6. Manage bans This setting is only assigned globally. It is not forum based.
  7. View post details
  8. Issue warning (This setting is only assigned globally. It is not forum based.)
  9. Lock topics
  10. Merge topics
  11. Move topics
  12. Split topics

There will often be times when you want to grant groups moderator privileges to either to a selected user, or a group of users. To this is rather simple but you have to decide how you want to assign the privileges.


To assign them directly to a user you simply open up the Admin Control Panel, click the Users And Groups tab and in the default Manager Users find your member that you wish to apply privileges to.


One you have found the user you wish to apply privileges to then select the Permissions option from the options in the top right hand corner.


From there you have a general overview of the permissions currently granted to the user Globally. To see on a forum to forum basis then select the permissions from the options at the top left hand corner.


If you are going to assign the permissions Globally (IE: Across the phpBB forum) then select the text link » Set users permissions or if you want to set it on a forum by forum basis then select » Set users forum permissions. If you have selected the by forum settings then you then need to elect the forums that you need. You can select more then 1 by using the right hand alt key and entering all the groups you need. Be warned though that all sub forms will also be used. For example if we take the DeveloperBase Forums then if I was granted moderator privileges on DeveloperBase.net Applications and Tools then I would also be a moderator of both sub forums (Power Auction by DeveloperBase.net and Web Development Tools).


When you have elected where you are going to grant the privlags then it comes down to the actual privileges. The list above is all the moderator tools that are on a standard phpBB forum. I would suggest that you don't granted 2, 6 and 3 to people that you don't trust as these settings can be really powerful to users that know how to use them.


As for the Moderating New Members this option is currently inthe General tab of the Admin Control Pannel. It is hidden in the Board Configuration Tab under User registration settings. From here you can select the different options for new users. Rather then asking an Administrator to activate your account I would use the Newly Registered Members settings as these are lot more user friendly and are more hidden to the users.


Do remember though that if you do select the Newly Registered Members option then you will need to change the settings for that group across the forums.

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