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vBulletin 4.x Skins


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Yeah a custom theme can set you back by a large amount. I have always wanted to use a custom theme on one of my forums but was not able to do so due to one reason or the other. One quick question, how do these vendors handle software updates and other technical things? Do you have to pay an annual fees to get the latest updates?

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Typically if you get a custom theme, you'll need to pay for updates if you want them to do the updates. :)


However, you can do them yourself for free!


Some sites offer a year of help. So that can be nice is your forum software has multiple updates within that year.

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Custom skins can be bought for as low as $200. You don't always have to spend large amounts to get something good. Coming to the question about updates, they're not provided for custom themes, but the ones that are sold to multiple people will almost always be updated and you will either get them for free or pay for them depending on which site you bought them from. Sultanthemes.com is cheap :)

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