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How much do you charge for ad spots on your forum or website?

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Just wondering how much you guys charge for advertising space on your forums and websites. I have seen some on buysellads.com selling space for 10$ a month, some even 5$ a month.


So, what do you charge and why?


What type of traffic you got?


By request from Spike; Please mention the visitors per day and PR too.


I think PR doesn't really matter though. As long as the site gets traffic, it is golden for me.

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Great topic, Godric: looking forward to seeing some responses here as this is something I've never tried. May I add a request that posters put a little site info up as well - number of visitors per month or PR or something - so that we can see how the prices correlate?


Added that to the post. Hope to get some good replies too.

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A lot of it will depend on the topic of the site. There would be a huge difference in what a general forum can sell ads for vs a specific niche such as this site.


For more targeted ads, a decent starting point would be $10 for every 5,000 - 10,000 (real) impressions. I generally try to start low to fill up ad slots, then slowly raise the price until I find a decent balance.


This is for large banners. I don't have much experience on what sells with smaller image based ads as I rarely use them.

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This also depends on the popularity of your site and whether people are spending lot of money in your niche. If you are running a popular forum that gets hundreds or thousands of visitors a day, you can even charge $100-$200 for displaying a banner for a month. The maximum that I have asked for is $50 for a side banner in my forum.

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