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I`m new to this forum, so I want to introduce myself in a few sentences.

My name is Bene, I'm 19 years old, and i live in germany (cologne). I go to school, for doing the high school graduation (which takes 13 years in germany if you want to study after that.). There are 2 reasons why I was looking for an english speaking board. First, there is no really good german board. But I think it will be also help me to improve my english, which is very important for school, and, for sure, in "developing". By the way:

I have experience in webdesign, i.e. HTML, CSS, and I think a bit more than the basics of photoshop (either I'm no expert). I also have some basics in PHP, but really just basics. In school I started to learn Java a few month ago. I think that's enough about me. ;)


One more thing about this forum, I want to suggest. In the profile I can choose between some scripting-, and programming languages. But I can just choose one of it. I think it would be better if you are able to choose several. i also missed Java in the selection options, I almost found Javascript.


Maybe it's possible to add these features, but that are only 2 small points, which don't really matter.


I hope we will have some great discussions, and can learn from each other.


PS: It might be that my english is sometimes not so well, I hope you execuse, and correct me. ;)

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