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How to get more Facebook likes

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Lol, that was funny.. But seriously, I think we can use people's curiosity to get more likes to our pages. Check out this headline


"Justin Bieber Busted for doing this........."


When people visit your page, force them to like the page and recommend it to few friends before they are allowed to see the content. There are many scripts that can help you to do this and it makes sense to use them.

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I've seen those types of pages, Bryce. I've liked them so i could read the content (before i know it was simply a tab you had to click to get to the content) then i would always unlike the page. I hate people forcing you to do one thing or another. I feel the internet is a free roaming area. If people want to join your community/page, let them do it on their own free will. Don't force them to.



Ok.. off my soapbox.

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Funny but true. Advertisers won't get a single "like" if they do it like this. People would tend to ignore them and pity them for begging like a dog. Have some confidence in yourself and your product or service.


My tips on getting more Facebook likes:


-Don't write lame content

-Advertise using PPC

-Buy bot likes online

-Exchange likes with other Facebook users


I hope this helped you guys out. It's never easy to advertise anything but it would be really rewarding in the end.

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