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Top 10 Social Media Websites To Go VIRAL Traffic!

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1. Twitter - the best Social media communication website.


2. Stumble - the best social bookmarking website


3. Digg - it is not as good as it used to be before, but still very good.


4. Facebook - nice way to bring continuous traffic on your website


5. Traffup - Not just bring massive free traffic, but also free twitter followers and retweets.


6. Linked In- Great for niche marketing


7. Reddit - it is not as good as stumble, but sometimes bring amazing traffic.


8. Hubpages - Great way to get continuous traffic and backlinks.


9. Youtube - Create an attractive video of your website and promote it virally (if you are lucky)


10. Ycombinator - Good bookmarking website.

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I feel like some of these are a little outdated for viral traffic at this point. StumbleUpon, for example, is still around and going, but they've changed how their redirects work and it's not nearly as easy to get traffic there now. Pinterest, on the other hand, has obviously swept in and picked up on some of that.

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Yeah Pinterest should be there in the list. Plus there are some other video sites like Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Veoh that can bring your sites some traffic. I have never used Traffup and Ycombinator so I am going to check them now and analyze the results.

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I like the list. They are a few that I haven't heard of. I do agree that StumbleUpon isn't as good as it used to be, but it does bring in traffic. Pinterest is really hot. I wish I had developed it. It so simple yet fun and addicting.

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