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SEO Optimization Techniques - Must Read

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On page optimisation.


=>Alt Tag Optimization

=>Creation of Proper Link Structure

=>Page Specific Meta Tag Creation

=>Title Tag (Page Title Optimisation)

=>Keyword Research and Analysis

=>Anchor Text Optimization

=>Content Placement

=>Keyword Density

=>Implementation of 301 Permanent Redirect

=>Implementation of Google Analytics

=>Search Engine Verification from Google, Yahoo and MSN

=>Submission of XML Sitemap

=>Optimization of Search Engine Essential Files (robots.txt, urllist.txt, sitemap.xml)


Off-page optimisation.


=>Blog Posting

=>Blog Hosting

=>Directory Submission

=>Social Bookmarking Submission

=>Forum Posting

=>Affiliate Marketing

=>Article Submission

=>Press Release Submission

=>Footer Links

=>Affiliate Marketing

=>Blog Commenting

=>Review Posting

=>Rss Feed Submission

=>Css Submission

=>Video Submission

=>Profile Creation

=>Link Wheel

=>Social Media Optimization


Need to add more? Simply reply with your own methods..

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Great post, thanks for posting it. I would also add submission to Google Webmaster Tools to the list and replace linkwheels with link pyramids. I would also love to hear more about CSS submission, care to post more about that?

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Would be nice if you post some more details.

For the starter, I have no idea about the first two ...


=>Alt Tag Optimization

=>Creation of Proper Link Structure


Care to explain?


=>Alt Tag Optimization - The alt tag is used in images, to display some text if the image doesn't load for some reason. If you have no alt text, then nothing will come up if image doesn't show. If you have an optimized alt tag, then your text will show up if image doesn't show up. This can increase SEO factor of your site.


=>Creation of Proper Link Structure - Google about SILO structure.. You'll get more info on it.

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