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Is This an Official Poster for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2?


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It's looking more and more like this year's Call of Duty is going to be a sequel to 2010's Black Ops. A retail source forwarded the following image from a poster received today.

It's been widely speculated that this year's Call of Duty game will be a sequel to Black Ops, which was developed by Treyarch.


Also, the framing narrative for 2010's Black Ops was a debriefing where elements of a massive secret conspiracy were revealed so the text on the poster could be referencing that.


Also, the date on the poster is most likely a reveal date and not a release date. Call of Duty games typically come out later in the year to take advantage of the busy holiday shopping season.


In February, a French video games site found themselves banned—and then unbanned—from Activision events after reporting that a Black Ops sequel would arrive in 2012 after an Amazon leak earlier this year. That overreaction led many to think that the information in the leak was right on the money.




When contacted, Activision declined to comment to Kotaku about the image.




Source - Kotaku

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Hmm...looks like it just might be. I wasn't impressed with the last one really though. I know I will still purchase either way, gotta try it out!

Really Nathan you weren't impressed by the black ops ? I think this part was the most unique since CoD started out ... But yeah everyone's got different opinion :)...

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