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Would you advertise on Pinterest?

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So we all know that pinterest is the next big social thing. Would you advertise if they open a self-serve platform?


I know a lot of guys who are having good success with some methods to get some money out of them.


I am honestly waiting for the advertising option to open up. Don't wanna do the same methods as them.

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Yes I will if my niche is related to the target audience (females in case of Pinterest). I imagine even if they open up a standalone advertising platform, not all niches will find customers there. It also depends on how Pinterest evolves in the coming days, it has just gotten popular; I hope there's a lot more to look for in the coming days.

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Do they already or have plans for an advertising portal on Pinterest?


I think so, they are changing algorithms more quickly now. And I meant posting normally like Facebook. Its like having a presence there.

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