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How to decrease Page load time of a website?

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Well what "factors" are you referring to then? Are there specific things you know are slowing your site down and you just aren't sure how to decrease those, for example?


An easy place to start is to really look at the mods, plugins, addons, whatever you're using and see which ones are absolutely necessary. Clean out or find alternatives for any that seem to load too slow.


Check your image file sizes, too. If they're too large, they can take forever for some users to load, which will drag your whole site down.

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What kind of site do you have? If it is a wordpress blog then there are some plugins available that can improve the loading speed. You should also focus on getting results by using minimum code and plugins as Jessi has already recommended.

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first and formost is to optimize your server.


You have that working correctly, your site will be fast out the box.


Next, you can use google page speed checker. It will check the speed and give you pointers on how to make it faster. A lot of the forum software is already optimized for loading, you just need to install and go. However, it's add-ons that usually slow them down. Make sure to minify your images and stuff too. :)

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