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What domain name to choose?


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Could you please be more specific? All I see is ***** What is the keyword and what will be theme of the site, also the sites purpose? These informations will help you come up with a proper and relevant name.
I don't understand because it seems like the word has been blocked. All I see is that you said the keyword is ****. Not sure what the site will be about.


It doesn't matter about what is under the ****. If you like you can pretend it says Giraffe or Pirate or even Outerspace. It's all about whether you should have 1 or one in a domaine name. (Maybe facebook1.com or facebookone.com)


Personally? I'd get them both! Inside the software let people switch in and out of either one.

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If you absolutely want that particular domain combo, I would suggest going with the spelled out version instead of the numerical one, even though it's .net. The only exception is if using the letters would make the domain confusing...so like if it wasn't clear it's two words, and ends up looking like gibberish.

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I think he is really just looking for advice on whether or not it will be effected in the SERPS.


At least he got my point. The word isn't blocked, I choose to make it star, don't want to reveal my niche. And yeah I got one with the spelled version. Lets see how it goes.

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