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So i'm playing with the idea of selling one of my forums. Gamerumors.net


I've put in a bit of work to the site and i feel with the right person who has the time to dedicate to it, it will thrive.


If you're interested, please submit me an offer.


The site is currently on an active vB license. If you want that license, please include with license in your offer.

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Adsense Metrics Analytics Metrics Difference

AdSense Revenue $2.91 $0.03 $2.89

AdSense Page Impressions 12,091 2,185 9,906

AdSense Ad Units Viewed 17,955 5,381 12,574

AdSense Ads Viewed 17,710 5,586 12,124


Also for the month of April





AdSense Revenue: $0.03


AdSense Revenue / 1000 Visits: $0.03


AdSense Ads Clicked: 0


AdSense Ads Clicked / Visit: 0.00


AdSense CTR: 0.00%


AdSense eCPM: $0.01


AdSense Ads Viewed: 5,586


AdSense Unit Impressions / Visit: 5.74


AdSense Page Impressions: 2,185


AdSense Page Impressions / Visit: 2.33

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How much are you looking at for the forum.I can take the database of your hands if you are unsure on selling the vb liscence i do have a vb liscence allready or i will take every thing off you.Just let me know a price please

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ChuckTesta, could I have the minimum offer you have in mind for 1) the website without the vb license and 2) database dump that is only to be sold once? You could PM me if you prefer.



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