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Using clipping mask to delete the visible contents.


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I'm trying to delete the visible image that is let through a clipping mask, so I can make the visible area (of the clipping mask) transparent.


I'm using a Pinlight setting with 75% transparency with a "grunge" image over text. I need the torn out areas to be transparent, instead of just white.


I'm not sure if this is even possible with photoshop, we shall see.

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It is possible. You can have a "transparent" canvas in Photoshop as well. You will see a faint grey checkerboard in the background if it is transparent. When you create a new document in Photoshop it will ask you what color do you want the background, and one of the options will be transparent. If you started with an opaque background, it's a little unintuitive to switch to a transparent background - but basically you just need to create a blank layer above the background layer, then just delete the background layer.


Keep in mind that when you export the image, you need to stick with a file format that supports transparency such as GIF or PNG. JPEG doesn't support transparency, for example. PNG would probably be your best bet since it supports full transparency at varying amounts, unlike GIFs which are just a hard edge - its either visible or not. I don't think the Photoshop blend modes will translate into a transparent image - those are specific to Photoshop. 

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