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Hi From VA


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Hi there. My name is Tonessa (rhymes with Vanessa), but in the virtual world I'm known as CityGirlLuv. I'm actually not that well-versed of a coder/developer which is my main reason of why I joined this forum. I am starting school in the Fall for computer programming and gaming/mobile application development, so perhaps this community can give me some backhand knowledge before I start. Well, that's just a little about me and hope to make new friends and talk to some of you within the posts on the forum.





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Welcome to the board! What language will you be learning?


In school I believe it's Visual Basic, C and C++, and another one that slipped my mind, although I think it was Javascript (along with your basic HTML, CSS, etc.)


Great to have you here! :)


Some great minds here. Ask any questions you have.


I'm also in VA, what school are you enrolled in?


Ah word...are you in NoVA or SoVA, or CeVA? Not a big university, I'm enrolled in a community college.


ETA: Nevermind, I see you're in DC. I was up there last summer and may go up there again soon.

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