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A Perfect 1000$ Setup!


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I posted this on another forum, and they found it useful. So I thought I might aswell share it here.

I recently purchased this, and yet having nothing to regret. I've ran a couple of benchmarks and always end up in the top 3 with no matter which part I benchmark.


Here goes:

CPU: Intel i7-2600k Sandy Bridge. Best if accompanied by a REAL cooler and overclocked to around 4,5GHz <- And that's very safe! (most go up to 5GHz)

Board: ASUS p8p67(-pro) However not required, but I suggest picking the pro version of the board.

RAM: Pick any 24GB of 1666MHz RAM.

Graphics: ASUS GTX 560Ti (TOP) It's almost 50$ cheaper than any GTX570, and when properly clocked it outperforms the default 580.

Power: Any 600W+ Should do, I went with the Cooler Master GX 750W.

HDD(s): 2x Any 1TB 7200RPM in RAID0. Doubling your read & write speed.

All packed in a Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus case (2x 200mm + 1x 120mm + 1x80mm fans)


Hope it's of any use for anyone.




There was also some talk about the cooling of the CPU. I agree that the default cooler is really poor and should not be used at all, and overclocking with it is just going to burn you a chip.


Here's my cooler: It's called NINJA 3

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Sorry it was my bad. I tried to attach the following url as an image: https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTi5diAeSIjFNAeZqQLLwKCxi4-0bg0Lw_5srEwkWoO5WX0OO6C

It's some weird encrypted google URL that doesn't end in any extension even though it seems to be the full path to the image.


Another issue I noticed was with resizing the image that I got to succesfully attach. The image didn't keep the new size I set to it on the forums but resized back to it's original. Might just be me being stupid again :D

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I don't know if it has been for retail or not, regardless, I was just suggesting to make sure to include it in his build.


It should indeed be included in the build. I think it will turn out pretty good!

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