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Tonight is the night, DERBY time!


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So in around 5 hours the derby game will be kicking off between Manchester United and Manchester City. With just two or three games left of the season, and United ahead by just three points, surely the winner of this game will go on to claim the title?


To any fans out there, or general followers of The Premier League;


Who do you want to win?

Game Predictions?

Title Predictions?


I personally think the game tonight can easily go either way, but I think United will get the title, they have more professional experience when it comes to close title races and City may crumble under the pressure!

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Being a Liverpool fan, naturally, I don't want either team to win. As painful as it may be, I think United will take the title.


However for tonight, I think it might end in a draw. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two players were sent off, as it'll have high tensions.

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Manchester City 1 - 0 Manchester United.


City are now at the top of the league on goal difference, with only two games left to go...interesting...


Very interesting! In my opinion I still think there's a huge change City will flop under pressure and United can once again retain the title, we'll soon find out!

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