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Substring Syntax for Limiting Company Name Lengths


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Some time ago I was reading data from a flat .txt file and inserting it into my database. My table in the database was only setup to handle 40 characters for the company or person's last name. If it was a company some would be longer than 40 and my job would fail. I chose to fix it with the substring function in MSSQL.


Table: Debtor

Field: RespLName


My original code:

select case when ltrim(rtrim(RespLName)) is null then P.LastName else ltrim(rtrim(RespLName)) end as LastName
from Debtor


After adding the substring function:

select case when ltrim(rtrim(substring(RespLName,0,40))) is null then P.LastName else ltrim(rtrim(substring(RespLName,0,40))) end as LastName
from Debtor

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